Frequently asked questions
  • Inonu University Examination for International Students (YÖS) is an examination for foreign and overseas students who wish to study at Inonu University and some other Turkish Universities that accept the results of the exam. Examination will be conducted on Sunday May 13th 2018 by Inonu University.
  • YÖS 2018 applications are to be made online at Domestic applicants will be notified by SMS at their registered GSM number upon approval of application. Applicants abroad will be notified through email upon approval of application.
  • Examination fee;

For applicants who take the exam in Turkey: 150 TL

For applicants who take the exam abroad: 250 TL

  • YÖS will start on May 13, 2018 on Sunday at 13:00 simultaneously at domestic and
    foreign examination centres. Duration of the exam is 120 minutes.