1.1. Inonu University Examination for International Students (YÖS) is an examination for foreign and overseas students who wish to study at Inonu University and some other Turkish Universities that accept the results of the exam.  Examination will be conducted on Sunday May 13th 2018 by Inonu University.

1.2. This examination guide covers the rules to be followed by foreign students who would like to apply to YÖS for academic year 2018-2019.

1.3. Applications for YÖS will be accepted online from March 13 to April 13, 2018. Information not included here and amendments will be announced at

1.4. Communication and correspondence between the university and the applicants will be in Turkish, English and Arabic.

1.5. YÖS is an examination for students who wish to study an undergraduate or a two-year degree program at Inonu University and some other universities that accept the results of the exam.

1.6.  Rules in this guide take effect on the date of publication. These rules can be changed if so required by the decisions of the Higher Education Council, Inonu University administration Council and Senate. The procedure to be followed under these circumstances is to be determined by Inonu University. Actions regarding issues not covered in this guide are to be taken in accordance with the decisions of committees commissioned by University Administration Council.


2.1. Applications are eligible on the conditions that applicants are either final year students or high school graduates who

2.1.1. are foreign nationals

2.1.2.  are native-born Turkish nationals but later were permitted to leave Turkish citizenship and can provide a Blue Card and have third generation ancestry or can provide identity register copy procured from Registry of Blue Card Holders through Identity Sharing System and certification containing identity information given by the authorities of the country of citizenship,

2.1.3. have a foreign citizenship and later have acquired Turkish citizenship,

2.1.4. are Turkish citizens and have completed their secondary education in a foreign country excluding Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC),

2.1.5. are TRNC citizen, reside in TRNC and have completed secondary education in TRNC and have GCE AL exam results or have registered to and studied at a high school or collage in other countries between 2005 and 2010 and have or will have GCE AL exam results.


3.1. All applications are accepted online in Turkey or abroad. Applications unfulfilled between Marc 13 – May 13 and submitted through mail or in person are not to be accepted.

3.2. YÖS 2018 applications are to be made online at Domestic applicants will be notified by SMS at their registered GSM number upon approval of application. Applicants abroad will be notified through email upon approval of application.

3.3. Applicants are to take and upload their photos with a webcam on the online application page. Photos are to be used on examination admission document, examination attendance list, examination result document, at registry and on student ID cards. Photos on application must be taken close upfront and must ensure that applicants are easily recognised. Applicant’s face must be clearly visible and colourful glasses must be avoided.

3.3.1. Applicants must choose the language of examination online on application panel. Exam language selection cannot be changed later on.

3.4. Following application all correspondence with Inonu University is to be carried out with the applicant number created in the application system. Documents without an applicant number are not to be put into effect. Applicant number is also to be required upon examination. Therefore applicant number must be kept carefully.


4.1. Examination fee;

4.1.1. For applicants who take the exam in Turkey: 150 TL

4.1.2. For applicants who take the exam abroad: 250 TL

4.2. Applicants are to pay examination fee online through virtual credit card payment system according to the examination centre of their choice.

4.3. Applicants who are to pay examination fee must note that:

4.3.1. Additional fees charged by the banks must be excluded from the examination fee.

4.3.2. Applications cannot be concluded without paying examination fees.

4.3.3. Examination fees collected from the applicants cannot be used for future exams. Fees are not returned after paying the fee when applicant decides not to take the exam, application is declared null and void, applicant does not or cannot take the exam, applicant is not let in to take the exam, applicant is expelled from the exam, applicant fails in the exam, applicant’s exam is declared null and void and applicant has paid for an action that is free of charge. Application is not accepted if the fee is not paid.

4.4. After concluding application process, applicants whose applications are accepted and who are eligible to take the exam can obtain examination admission document on application panel on an announced date.

4.5. Examination fees of students who apply for examination centres where exam is not delivered are returned.


5.1. YÖS will start on May 13, 2018 on Sunday at 13:00 simultaneously at domestic and foreign examination centres. Duration of the exam is 120 minutes.

5.2. It is obligatory for the applicants to bring their passports/official ID documents and examination admission documents.

5.3. Applicants cannot have with them any gadgets, devices and equipment except wristwatches. Applicants are not let in to take the exam with mobile phones; they must have no mobile phones on hem. Applicant must bring soft lead (dark) pencils, erasers and pencil sharpeners.

5.4. Applicants need to be at the examination centre at least one hour before the exam hour (for necessary ID checks to be done in time).

5.5. Questions in YÖS 2018 are in Turkish, English, Arabic, Persian and Russian according to applicants’ choices. Questions aim to evaluate applicants’ abstract thinking and reasoning skills.  There are 80 questions; 50% are questions evaluating spatial skills and analytical thinking skills and 50% are questions evaluating basic mathematical and geometrical skills.

5.6. All questions are “Multiple Choice” questions. Each question has 5 options and only one is the correct answer. If more than one answer is marked on the answer sheet or the allocated place of an option is marked scratchily, the answer is regarded null and void.

5.7. Answers must all be marked on the answer sheet. Answers marked only on the question booklet are regarded null and void.

5.8. It is forbidden to chat, cheat or help others during the exam. Exams of those who do so are regarded null and void.

5.9. After finishing the exam, all applicants must hand in question booklets and answer sheets in full to proctors. Exams of those who do not do so are regarded null and void and no Exam Results Document will be issued for them.

5.10. Exam is valid for 1 year.

5.11. YÖS 2018 will be held at the centres below;


In Turkey Abroad
Exam centre Country
Adıyaman Türkiye
Ankara Türkiye
Gaziantep Türkiye
İstanbul Türkiye
Malatya Türkiye
Mersin Türkiye
Şanlıurfa Türkiye



Exam centre Country
Ashkhabad Turkmenistan
Baku Azerbaijan
Batumi Georgia
Berlin Germany
Bishkek Kyrgyzistan
Irbil Iraq
Khartum Sudan
Nicosia TRNC
Mazar-e Sharif Afghanistan
Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Sarajevo Bosnia Herzegovina
Tehran Iran


5.11.1. Inonu University Reserves the Right to Do Amendments up to 15 Days Before the Exam.


6.1. Totals of correct and wrong answers in the YÖS 2018 will be counted. The raw score of the test will be determined by subtracting one fourth of the number of wrong answers from the number of correct answers. Raw score will be converted to 0-100 scale.


6.2. Applicant must get at least 30 points form the test to apply for a program.


7.1. Exam results will be announced at

7.2. Applicants can learn exam results using their user names and passwords on application panel.

7.3. Examination Result Document will be issued for each applicant whose exam is valid. This document can be reached on applicant’s account at

* Inonu University reserves the right to do amendments up to 15 days before the exam. Amendments can be followed at