YÖS Exam will be held at Inonu University, Faculty of Communication on Sunday, May 14th, 2017 at 14:00 Turkish time. The duration of YÖS exam is 120 minutes.

All candidates, who will take the exam, must have their passports / official ID and the Test Entry Form along with them to enter the exam.

Candidates cannot bring any tools, devices, mobiles, smartphones or tablets (Only classic watches are allowed). Candidates aren’t allowed to enter the exam facility with their mobile phones. Candidates must bring a soft-tipped pencil, an eraser and a sharpener with them.

Candidates must be present on the exam day at least one hour before the exam time so that the necessary identification checks can be made on time.

The questions to be asked in YÖS 2017 will be prepared in Turkish, English, Arabic and Russian. These questions aim to measure candidates’ abstract thinking and reasoning power. The exam is 80 questions, 50% of the exam consists of shape and space relations and analytical thinking skills, and 50% consists of questions measuring basic maths and geometry.

All questions are prepared in “Multiple Choice”. Each question has five options, and only one of them is the correct answer to it. If more than one option is ticked/marked for a question on the answer sheet, or if the place reserved for an option is improperly marked, the answer to that question will be considered invalid.

The answers must be marked on the answer sheet. Answers marked in the question booklet will be considered invalid.

Candidates are not allowed to speak, take photos or make copies during the exam. Otherwise, the examination of candidates acting in this way will be cancelled and considered invalid.

At the end of the exam, each candidate should submit both the question booklet and the answer sheet to the hall invigilators. The examination of candidates who fail to deliver the booklet and the answer sheet are considered to be invalid and no Exam Result Document will be issued for them.

The validity period of the exam is 1 year.

Candidates’ scores will be calculated by subtracting one correct answer out of a set of four incorrect answers in the questions applied in YÖS 2017. (Four incorrect answers will cancel one correct answer.)

The results of the exam will be announced only on the website: yos.inonu.edu.tr.

Candidates will only be able to learn the exam results through Candidate Number.

An Exam Result Document will be issued for each candidate whose exam is considered as valid. These documents will be sent to the e-mail addresses where they have already provided.

*Inonu University has the right to make changes up to 15 days before the exam. Follow the changes made about the exam at:  yos.inonu.edu.tr.