Foreign Students Vacancy Preferences Procedures

İnönü University

Foreign Students Vacancy Preferences Procedures

Here you can find quotas for vacancy preferences.

Important Note: Students who have already settled and enrolled can not apply.

Applicants must pay 100 TL to the account given below in order to fulfill the application procedures. (Those who applied before will not have to deposit again)

The following information should be written in the declaration field of the payment receipt:

Passport OR Foreign Identification No. -Address -YÖS TERCİH

For example A01236-Ali YILMAZ-YÖS TERCİH


BANKA                                                :Ziraat Bankası

HESAP SAHİBİ                                  :İnönü Üniversitesi Strateji Geliştirme Daire Başkanlığı

HESAP NO                                           :44791808-5035

İBAN NO                                              :TR 48 0001 0014 9044 7918 0850 35

ATM DEN YATIRACAKLAR İÇİN  :14 9044 7918 0850 35


Once you have paid the fee, please proceed with your preferences by clicking on the below link.



Applications will be ONLY accepted by the YÖS exams that State Universities have made. (Applicants made with SAT ABITUR will be considered as invalid.)

Preference will be made between 23-28 August 2017.

The size of uploaded files can not be more than 1 MB.

Only image files can be uploaded (jpg, jpeg, png)